Founded in 1999; Norstone Cables has quietly grown as the “go to” speaker cable and interconnect for some time.

As the saying goes cables aren’t always just cables. Norstone are the cable most integrators, technicians, installers, home cinema enthusiast, and even commercial cinema and audio appliers recommend and use.

One of the very 1st cable manufacturers to have full compliancy on 4K HDMI Optical and now the new 8K 48Gbs cable technology from sizes of 10m – 100m. Pure oxygen free shielding with 99.99% true copper, as well as the silver line pure silver cable variants, Norstone has all applications and requirements covered.

Gold plated connections from outer to core and then inner, a solid connection made in gold is the ultimate contact.

For performance whether its your first home hifi system or an award winning cinema speaker system demanding the best from THX Lucasfilm products, Norstone is the choice of cable.

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