Did you know that over 50% of the worlds best artists use UNITY AUDIO to master and record their music?
From movies of the big screen to the most desirable music that touches your soul, UNITY AUDIO products are responsible for the accuracy and performance we all come to enjoy.

Their Philosophy
Company founder Kevin Walker, in conjunction with studio designer and acoustician Kevin van Green, decided from the beginning that a sealed cabinet design would be employed exclusively to deliver fast transient dynamics and super accurate bass reproduction.
Good amplification is paramount to monitor performance so Unity turned to one of the best amplifier designers in the business. Tim de Paravicini from Esoteric Audio Research designed a fantastic custom discrete Class A/B amplifier that has become the amplification cornerstone of the Unity range.

Attention to detail
Speaker cabinets, manufactured in the UK, use high performance Baltic Birch plywood rather than more commonly used and sonically inferior MDF. Woofer and tweeter drive units have been carefully selected from various well-established reputable European partners that have outstanding design, build and quality control standards. This focused approach to design and manufacturing has lead to the Unity name becoming synonymous with high performance studio monitors.
Unity Audio found in the most high end recording studio’s, theaters, and mixing consoles around the world.
With the likes of Adele, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, just to name a few, who have had their work mixed and tuned only via Unity Audio Speakers, why would you look at anything else?
Unity Audio – Audition Today.