Who We Are

Established in 2014, INDI IMPORTS in such a short time,  have now become a large provider of High Quality Electronics to the Australian and New Zealand Markets.
We pride our selves on the fact that we research every single item we bring in to make sure we have the correct items to sell in the very fast paced markets we compete in.
Our aim, is to provide the very best quality,value and performance our clients expect when buying home audio / visual electronics. Our “Can Do” attitude sets us apart from all other distributors, we believe in less fuss and an easy business transaction is how things should be.
As we know today, we are not just competing within our local markets, but now competing with the rest of the world, hence why our purchase philosophy is to buy in larger amounts than most distributors can, to help bring the prices down and become close to parity with global pricing.
You can be rest assured that any Retail store who is an authorized dealer of INDI they will be looking out for your best interest and will have the training to service all your needs plus having the back up of service like no other here in Australia.