Most people won’t know who AMC is as a brand, that is of course, if your not an audio enthusiast. However, AMC is actually responsible for some of the very best brands on the market today.

You see, AMC is a design and engineering company as well as manufacturer of high end Hi-Fi components. With a design philosophy of 25 year reliability, and state of the art manufacturing facility, for the value there really is nothing better. In fact, AMC’s failure rate is so low that most companies would only dream of.

Catering for the domestic and also for the commercial market, we know nearly everyone in the world has been listening to something that AMC has manufactured. Utilising Toroid Transformers, High Current Capacitors and Metal Oxide Resistors, their amplifiers and multi-room sound systems are possibly one of the very best available. 3 Year Warranty sets them apart from most brands out there, and with their construction you know you are in for a great experience.

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