The art of innovation. The trust of tradition. The heart of the cinema experience.

We’re more than just screens — we’re a group of dreamers, designers, and forward-thinkers who want to craft unbelievable viewing experiences from the Movie Palace screens to the Coliseum screens. And with over 30 years in the industry, you’re guaranteed to get a product that’s designed with integrity and built to last and perform.

We’ve made Hollywood sparkle with excitement, and provided better depth and reality images in home cinemas across the globe, and conference halls shine with inspiration with perfection.

We are driven by a passion to continually craft products that are smarter, stronger and perfectly fit for you and your environment. Some call us old fashioned, we call it caring with attention to detail. More importantly, we call it taking responsibility for what we build and valuing the people we build it for.

One screen does not fit all projection needs

Projection conditions vary. That is why we are application driven. Room seating, throw distances, ambient lighting, front and rear projection requirements, 3D workflow, and other factors all impact the image on the screen. Lumene Screens makes over 8 different screen materials to meet the demands of each projection environment. As always, each screen is meticulously custom made for your specific application, or enjoy our most desirable set sized screens which fit in most home and commercial applications.

Uniformity and colour accuracy are everything.

Do you want the best viewing experience? Only Lumene Screens can provide and deliver colour uniformity no matter your viewing angle. Additionally, you can rest assured that the colours coming from your projector are not being altered by the screen.
Projectors come and go, but Lumene Screens remain.

Many of our customers tell us how they have gone through multiple projector upgrades while their Lumene Screen continues to perform perfectly. You know you are getting durability and a lasting quality when you purchase Lumene.

Material Made in France

We are proud to manufacture all of our projection screen materials in our production facilities in France. As a family-owned business, we value the expertise and workmanship of our staff. Our team helps to design and handcraft every custom screen as we closely monitor each stage of the manufacturing and QC process. All our custom and motorised screens are manufactured in France.


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