Passionate pursuit of sonic perfection.

Since its founding in 1989, Cary Audio has stayed at the forefront of home entertainment equipment by stubbornly adhering to the principles of quality and musicality upon which it was founded. It’s not enough just to be able to build great-sounding gear, but it needs to be well-made, reliable, and maintain its performance and value for many years.

Discover Cary Audio, crafting premium audio solutions since 1989. From our roots in high-quality two-channel tube components, we’ve evolved into a powerhouse offering solid-state home theater and digital source gear. Explore our Classic line for the warm embrace of tubes, solid-state powerhouses, DACs, and headphone amps. Dive into our Cinema line for immersive home theater experiences with surround sound processors and high-power amps.

Our commitment to quality and performance remains unwavering as we push boundaries with cutting-edge innovations. Whether you seek the richness of a tube amp or the excitement of a complete home theater setup, Cary Audio delivers excellence every time.

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